Azure VMs Redeploy

Scenarios to be used for Azure VMs redeploy.

  • Due to Hardware failure from MS team.
  • If you are unable to connect to VMs.
  • Unable to take the RDP.
  • In case of the migrating VMs from one Host to Another Azure Host etc.


Before Redeploy Verification Steps.

  • Please make sure you have configured the backup properly.
  • Save IP related Information and reversed the IP address.
  • Save the VMs configuration settings.
  • Please remove the data from temporary drive if VMs reboot, all data will be lose.
  • VMs will not be available during Redeployment starts.

Steps: Azure VMs Redeploy.

  • Logging to Azure Portal: – AzurePortal
  • Select the VM Select the VM you need to redeploy
  • Go to Support + Troubleshooting
  • Select the Redeploy
  • Click ok


  • Select the VMs
  • Click on the Redeploy option.
  • Read the instruction Carefully.
  • Click on redeploy.


Once the Redeployment is completed , Please log in to the VMs and Verify.




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