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Azure Training:Introduction to Microsoft Azure

“I have seen that most of azure learners still requires to understand the basic concept of the azure services and how they can implement the services and I have received request that azure learners need a session for  beginners, Hence i thought to started the azure for beginners series online  and providing the free training .”

Introduction of series will help azure learners to understand the basic concept of azure and   which i have covers in my  Session.

  • Why we required Azure Cloud.
  • Why to use cloud if we have already on-premises Data Center .
  • How it will help us to save Cost.
  • Cloud Models and Terminology.
  • Difference between IAAS, PASS, SASS.
  • Azure Portal Overview

 Learning from this Training’s.

  • Azure Cloud Models and technology.
  • Azure Subscription Creation .
  • Azure Services Category .
  • Azure IAAS,PASS,SAAS services .
  • IAAS,PASS,SAAS services use .
  • Live Scenario of Cloud services .


Azure Training Part-2


3 thoughts on “Azure Training:Introduction to Microsoft Azure”

    1. most difficult part is to understand the services model and help them customer to understand how it’s works , One my customer asked me how can i differentiate the services in Azure portal , where all the services looks same ,Then i have segregated all the services and help then understand , Help them that how they can reduce the cost. I have shared my experience in this training. Do let me know if you have any query.

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