AzureTalk Beginners Series-“Azure Storage Account”

It’s great Opportunities to have Beginners series session in AzureTalk Platform , Where we will share the Azure Knowledge with 2800 Members which includes Architects , MVP, Azure Solution Specialist and various Industry Leaders etc.

Today’s I have Talked About Azure Storage Accounts and  How MS Azure storage accounts are beneficial and used for all the services in terms of IaaS,PaaS, SaaS or Third Party any application, Which will require the storage accounts.

Another Interesting Part is to understand the Storage accounts Types which Storage account General Purpose V1 Vs V2 Vs Blob. Try to explain clearly.

How the Azure storage accounts replications work and how you can upgrade General purpose V1 to V2 , Has Shown.


  • Azure Storage Account Introduction
  • Storage Account V1 Vs V2
  • Types of Storage Accounts
  • Azure Storage Account Replication Scope
  • Prerequisite of Azure Storage account Creation


70-533 Exam Preparation Tips and Tricks

In this Blog, I am sharing my Experience , How i have cleared the 70-533 -Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions Exam.

As i have been spoken and received an massage from my couple of followers requesting to share the tips and Tricks on how i have passed on 70-735 exam.Hence sharing the thoughts on this.

I have seen many people who has fear of Exam whether i will pass or not ,as been not giving any exam from 3 to 4 years or some other reason which is really common scenario , Hence We have to fight with our fear and take an step towards our carrier /Certification which might play an important role in carrier and justify our expertise .

The first part i did it , Removed the fear from my mind and thought it’s just an normal or my 10th Board Exam and which i have to clear any how.

Before appearing to any exam, I will preparing the course content related to exam which help to understand , What are the challenges i am going to face during the preparation and what are possible scenarios may come to 70-533 Exam.

Few Things Which i majorly Focus on this training.

  • Understand the Course Content of 70-533 Exam :Course Content :Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
  • List out the Each and every section and more focus on the part where you will get 15 to 35 % Question from Modules as per course content.
  • My Focus area was –
  • Create and Manage compute Resources ,(20 to 25%)
  • Implementation of Virtual networks, (15 to 20%)
  • Manage Azure Security and recovery services ,  (25 to 30%)
  • Designing and Implementation of Storage Strategy .(10 to 15%)
  • Designing and Implementation of Azure App Services (10 to 15%)

Then rest of other modules which i have covered as per course content .

How Do i Prepare for Exam ?

There are various way to prepare the exam.

If you wants you can go through our Azure Talk session which will really help of clearing the exam and help you to understand Azure Component. It’s help Many Azure training and Pass the exam.

I have prepared from the below Online Training Sites which will help you to pass the exam. Even you can register for free trail and get trained for exam preparation.

Do More Lab and Labs which is very Important Part.

  • Free Azure Labs :240
  • Even you can Create the Free Azure Subscription which will help you to explore your knowledge and hands of experience. Create Free Azure Subscription
  •  Even you would like to have more labs you can follow my other Blogs where i have covers most 70-533 related topics which will help you to understand easily.


How to Attend the 70-533 Exam.

Note: Below are the suggestion is Related to my real experience which i have observers, Followers or Reader may not get  same Scenario it may differs as per Microsoft Exam Policy.

When i was attending an exam, I am well prepared and trained with No fear and have confident to clear the exam.

Even i have done 100 of labs again and again which makes confident of Exam Day

Before you start the exam , Please have few point in minds.

  • Once you will click on start exam ,One window will appear , Please go through it you might have 10 mints to read the instruction before the Exam Start.
  • Once you will done with Instruction part , Main question will be appear .
  • In my Case i got few Optional  Question Where we have answer those question without moving to next question, if you moved then you won’t come to previous question.
  • Second Part you will get All the Scenarios Based Question  and i would suggest ,Please read carefully and answer you question and  In this section we have couple of option.
  • Top End you will Question with Scenario
  • In Left hand side you will get an option for time window.
  • Middle you will get 4 option or you need to match the answer while drag and drop.
  • Down you will get 3 option :
    • Review : IF you are not sure that answer is correct , Please click on review if you wont click on the review then you won’t be able modify your answer and might your answer will locked. 

    • Next: IF you are sure that answer is correct , Please click next and your answer will locked. 

    • Submit : If you are sure that you answer is correct then Please click on submit the answer .


All the Suggestion and ideas is based on my experience which i want to share with my followers.

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