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Azure SQL(PaaS): Geo-Replication (DR)

I have seen couple of scenario where most of the clients and customer really wants to go with SQL (PaaS) services but they are not moving because if an case SQL PaaS services got crashed due to some technical issue there was option to recover the services or fail back the services with limited time frame.… Continue reading Azure SQL(PaaS): Geo-Replication (DR)

MS Azure (IaaS)

Security Center: Azure SQL Vulnerability Assessment (Preview)

I have been seen couple of scenarios  where most of the organization are looking for Azure SQL Vulnerability tools which will help them analysis the Vulnerability and sent an notification that there is something wrong or we are missing some security checks. Now MS Azure an announce the preview feature which will help us to enable… Continue reading Security Center: Azure SQL Vulnerability Assessment (Preview)

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(10 Years):Azure SQL Database Long-term backup retention(Preview)

In my previous organization has asked me how can retain the Azure SQL (PasS) services Backup for 10 years and i was searching that option but didn't get . But now that is possible Through  Long-term backup retention(Preview) to retain your Azure SQL Database backup for 10 years with the backup vault that option is… Continue reading (10 Years):Azure SQL Database Long-term backup retention(Preview)

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Azure Backups for VMs (IAAS)

"In Azure Backup Blogs series i will be writing the blogs for Azure VMs Backup and Pass services Backup , How backup services are help us and what configuring and prerequisite are required for backup." Backups are common terms  if you talk about Data Protraction, Compliance etc. Backup are really important  part of the services… Continue reading Azure Backups for VMs (IAAS)

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Azure SQL DBs Creation(Pass)

In this Blogs i will shearing my experience how to create the Azure SQL Serves and SQL Database , I have seen couple of scenarios where azure learners  has dought between On-premises SQL Servers and Azure SQL Server (Pass)  and so thought of create blogs to clear the understanding on this and show then how… Continue reading Azure SQL DBs Creation(Pass)

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Azure VMs Restoration

In my azure journey i have seen couple of incidents where VMs get cashed and we need to recover the Azure VMs from the backup vault. MS Azure has enabled the feature that you can restore the VMs backup from the VMs no need to go to site recovery and search for the VMs ,… Continue reading Azure VMs Restoration