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We are here to provide the free solution for Azure Learner so they can easily  understand & adopt the MS Azure and try to implement in their organization .

Help others to increase the Value of MS Azure.

Azure Training

Introduction to Microsoft

Azure Subscription and Azure VMs

Azure VMs setup and Configuration

Azure VMs Operation Feature (Preview)

Azure4you Blogs

All in One:Azure Learning for Azure Infra +Azure Developers + Azure Architect

How to Create A Free Azure Subscription

Manager Your Azure Billing

Setup and Configure Azure Billing: CloudYN

Setup and configure:Azure Billing, Subscription management, RBAC, EA Subscription and CloudYN

Azure VMs/Compute

Azure Interview Question and Answer

Azure Vms Troubleshooting Steps

Assigning the static IP address to Azure VM

Azure Networking

Azure Traffic Manager

Azure Virtual Networks (VNets)

Azure site-to-site VPN ARM

Connect On-Premise-with-RAAS

Bring Your Own DNS

Azure DNS Records Limitation

Create the Load Balance in Azure

Azure LoadBalancer Setup and Configuration.

Azure Storage

Azure File Sync Server Overview

Setup and Configuration of File sync

Azure-Storage Accounts overview(Easy to understand)

Create & manage Azure Storage account

Storage Account GSv2 Configuration

Features of Storage Accounts:General Purpose GPv2 ,GPV1 and Blob Storage

Blobs, File, Tables and queue storage configuration

How to Create the Azure VMs and Required Services overview

File Server Migration to Azure Using Azcopy Utility


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