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Azure Interview Question -Part-2-TOP-51

Azure Interview Q & A Part-1 Writing the Azure Interview question in the blog which will help interviewers to take an interview with real time Azure question and scenarios to find the right resources . It will help candidate to get an prepared those interview Q & A they might not ask by interviewers but… Continue reading Azure Interview Question -Part-2-TOP-51

MS Azure (IaaS)

AD Authentication for Azure Storage(Public Preview)

It's been query for almost all the customers and others Azure community members, How to control the storage accounts from specific user ID but at that time there is limitation and "Azure AD Authentication for Azure Storage is not available."  It's most awaited features and improvements of MS azure team and now it's available for… Continue reading AD Authentication for Azure Storage(Public Preview)

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Azure Storage Encryption

  It's been a query for most of customer, how to encrypt data of Azure storage accounts as azure storage  is public cloud and not sure if my storage account data been compromised. Even more on this how we can get an audit complain for azure storage accounts data and many more query . Now… Continue reading Azure Storage Encryption

AzureStorage, MS Azure (IaaS)

Azure Storage:Azure AD Integration,Storage endpoints and Soft delete.

It’s been a while we are conducting the session and thought of to cover the storage session (Deep Drive of  Azure Tables and Queue) and Try to covered New Features like Azure storage Endpoints ,Azure AD Integrations, Configure VM MSI etc. We have conducted the 4 session on azure Storage .Which i will be sharing… Continue reading Azure Storage:Azure AD Integration,Storage endpoints and Soft delete.

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Azure VMs Redeploy

Scenarios to be used for Azure VMs redeploy. Due to Hardware failure from MS team. If you are unable to connect to VMs. Unable to take the RDP. In case of the migrating VMs from one Host to Another Azure Host etc.   Before Redeploy Verification Steps. Please make sure you have configured the backup… Continue reading Azure VMs Redeploy

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Azure Backup Reports

I have seen couple of scenarios where customer, Auditors or Management requires to understand the backup report. Generally few below question comes which we have answered as consultant or as team to our customer or Management  about backup. How many VMs We have configured the Backup? How Much Storage space using for my Azure Backup?… Continue reading Azure Backup Reports