Azure Training: Azure VMs Operation Feature (Preview)

In this training videos I have shared my real time experience on enabling  the azure Inventory , change tracking and update management .

Which will help us to manage the azure VMs as quickly as i can  and shown how the Azure VMS DR can build.

I have seen couple of scenario where various  group of members are asking that how we can manage the inventory and how to know what changes are there. 

Hence thought to provide the session our AzureTalk Group and below is more details about Azure Preview Services 

Azure VMs Inventory : It will help you to manage you azure inventory and help us to manage the Azure Virtual machine inventory .

Azure Change Tracking : It will help us  to  track the changes in VMs through portal which will help to fix the issue soon there then logging to servers and check the changes..

Update Management  :  It’s Part of the OMS and helps to get analyze the patches and deploy the updates in azure Vms . Now that option is available (Preview) which will help us to find out the patches from Virtual machines while going to operation Tab. That is the easy way to deploy the critical,security and other recommended patches. 



This Training video will help your to enable the azure Inventory , Change Tracking , Update management , Azure Vms DR and Backup configuration in details.

So any azure learners can have quick view and learn the new thing .

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Setup and Configure Azure Billing: CloudYN

What is Cloudyn-Azure cost Management?

  • Azure Cost Management by Cloudyn allows you to track cloud usage and expenditures for your Azure resources and other cloud providers including AWS and Google.
  • Easy-to-understand & Customized  dashboard reports.
  • Which will help with cost allocation and showbacks/chargebacks .
  • Cost Management helps optimize your cloud spending by identifying underutilized resources that you can then manage and adjust.

User of Cloudyn-Azure cost Management.

  • Monitor usage and spending
  • Manage costs
  • Improve efficiency

Pre-Requisite to Configure ClOYDYN- AZURE Cost Management

  • User has Global Administrator /Services Administrator Rights
  • Tenant ID
  • Offer ID

CLOYDYN-Configuring Azure Cost Management

  • Log in to azure subscription (
  • Click on cost management
  • Click on the Azure Cost management  .
  • Click on  Go to Cost Management.

Cost management


Cost management1



Cost management2

Organization Name

  • Please provide your Organization Name

Roles to Enrolment

  • Azure Enterprise Enrollment Administrator
  • Microsoft CSP Partner Program Administrator
  • Azure Individual Subscription owner
  • None of the Above
  • Cost management2

Azure Cost Management

  • Organization Name


  • ClOUDYN Account Name
  • Tenant ID
  • Offer ID- Name
  • Offer ID can selected from Drop Down Menu.

Cost management3

  • Start Configuration the Cost  Management.
  • It will take 30-40 Mints to Collect the Data.
  • It may take more time to configure and it depends on the azure subscription Data and Resource of Azure Subscription.
  • Once the Cloudyn will done with Data collection.

Cost management4

  • It will ask you to provide the permission to access your Azure subscription
  • You will have to accept the term and Condition.
  • Please click on the Go Cloudyn to go to Cloudyn Portal.

Cost management5


cloudYN Dash board.JPG

Management DashBoard:

Cost Entity Summary : Provide Global View of managed  Cost Entities

Cost over time : We can view our actual cost over time.

Asset controller: Visualize your cloud usage and performance trends all in one place

 Cost by device: View your actual costs per service

management dashboard

Cost ConTroller

Cost Over Time: View your actual cost over time
Monthly Cost Trends :View costs for last month, month-to-date, and monthly projections
12 Months Planner: View projected costs for next 12 months
Cost bt Services : View your actual cost per service
Cost By Account : View your actual cost per account
Cost Trend by Day : View your actual daily costs 
Cosy Trend By Month : View your actual monthly costs

Cost Controller.png

Asset Controller

Compute Instances : View your instances activity over time
Disks :View all your disks – both available and in-use
Instance Type Distribution :View breakdown of all compute instances by instance type
Computer Instance Daily Trends:View breakdown of all instances running during last 30 days

Asset Controller

Setup and configure:Azure Billing, Subscription management, RBAC, EA Subscription and CloudYN

How to register new cost management tool CLOUDCYN and dashboard showcase.
Azure subscription basic management on resources level like resource provider control registration/unregister,Quota- compute, storage etc… , Policies management.

RBAC, Directory management and subscription profile management, individual Subscription cost understanding.
How to sign up for new subscription.
Azure subscription management in EA.
Managing Azure EA subscription like Department, Accounts, Subscriptions.
-Understanding Azure EA billing Dashboard.
-Difference between subscription vs tenant