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(10 Years):Azure SQL Database Long-term backup retention(Preview)

In my previous organization has asked me how can retain the Azure SQL (PasS) services Backup for 10 years and i was searching that option but didn’t get .

But now that is possible Through  Long-term backup retention(Preview) to retain your Azure SQL Database backup for 10 years with the backup vault that option is in Preview and lets how we can configure the Azure SQL Database backup for 10 years with recovery Vault  .

Step-1 :  Identification Of SQL Database 

  • Click on the SQL Database
  • Select the Azure SQL Server Name


Step:2 Long Term Backup Retention Configuration.

  • Go to Settings
  • Select the Long Term Backup Retention Tab


  • Select the Preview Items
  • Accept the term and Condition .
  • Select the Database you want retain more than 1 years.


Step :3 Long Term Backup Configuration 

  • Select the Backup Recovery Vault if you have created
  • If you don’t have recovery Vault ,Please create one Recovery Vault.
  • Select the Backup Retention for 1 year to 10 Years.
  • Click on


Save the Configuration and you SQL Database backup is configured for 10 years.


SQL Backup is enabled for 10 years.


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