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Azure Backups for VMs (IAAS)

“In Azure Backup Blogs series i will be writing the blogs for Azure VMs Backup and Pass services Backup , How backup services are help us and what configuring and prerequisite are required for backup.”

Backups are common terms  if you talk about Data Protraction, Compliance etc.

Backup are really important  part of the services or servers which will save lots of time and data in case of storage corruption , Application reconfiguration loss of corruption.

Backups are really help full when there is data loss or system corruption etc.

Lets how the azure Backup will help us in all the scenarios.

 Azure Backup:

MS azure has introduce the Azure Backup Vault feature for classic where you can take the backups of azure VMs and restore it when ever it is required.

Note: In Azure classic there are 2 different services Azure Site recovery and Backup Vaults.

“Later 2016 MS has launched the Azure Site recovery which includes the Backup and Backup Vault both which help us to take the backup of Azure VMs and do DR using the site recovery services for VMs. “

Azure Backup Conman Scenarios 

Below are the common scenarios which are conman in case of loss the data or accidentals deletion , We will be able to restore the Data  from Backup or Azure Backup.

  • Save the Organization Historical Data
  • Application Configuration Data
  • Server Data (Windows/Linux etc)
  • Files and Folders etc

Backup of Azure VMs 


  • Azure Recovery Backup Vault.
  • Storage Accounts
  • Azure Subscription.
  • Number of VMs that needs to Backup

Step-1 Create the Backup Vault

  • Click on Create Resources
  • Select the Monitoring and Managements
  • Select Backup and Site recovery
  • Provide the Name
  • Subscription Details
  • Location
  • Click on Create


Once the backup Vault is created ,Please go to Backup-vault.

Steps:2 Protract the VMs. 

  • Click on the Backup Vault
  • Click on Backup +


Step-3 Create the Backup Policy 

  • Select the Backup Goals
  • Select the Azure
  • Select the VMs type Azure VMs
  • Click on Backup
  • It will route to Backup Policy
  • Create a new Backup Policy
  • Select Ok


Step-4 Backup Policy 

  • Provide the Backup Policy Name
  • Backup Frequency  (Daily, Monthly , Weekly and yearly )
  • Select the time you want to take the Backup
  • Click on Create .


Step 5 : VMs Selection for Azure Backup 

  • You can Select the Items of Backup
  • Select the VMs you want to take the Backup
  • click ok


Step-6 Enable the Backup

  • Click on Enable the Backup
  • It will validate the Prerequisites
  • It will automatically install  the Backup agent .
  • Start protracting the VMs.


Steps:7 Backup initiation 

Once the Backup services is enabled then backup will start as per schedule and you can see it in Backup Process .

  • Click on the Backup Items
  • Click on the Azure Virtual Machines
  • Click on the Azure Backup Items


Steps:7 Start the Backup Jobs 

  • Click on Backup Now.
  • Now your Backup has been started .


Steps:7 Azure Backup Validation 

  • You can check the backup Jobs is in progress .
  • Enjoy with your backup configuration.



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