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Features of Storage Accounts:General Purpose GPv2 ,GPV1 and Blob Storage

Azure Storage account options

  • General Purpose v2 (GPv2) :
  • Storage accounts provide all the latest features, and supports Blobs, Files, Queues, and Tables.
  • These latest features include blob-level tiering, archive storage, higher scale account limits, and storage events.
  • Storage pricing has been designed to deliver the lowest GB prices, and industry competitive transaction prices.Blob Storage
  •  Storage accounts provide all the latest features for block blobs, but only support Block Blobs.
  • Blob-Storage Pricing is broadly similar to that in General Purpose v2.
  • Microsoft encourage most users to use General Purpose v2 rather than using Blob Storage accounts.General Purpose v1 (GPv1)
  • Storage accounts provide use of all Azure Storage Services, but It may not have the latest features or the lowest GB pricing.
  • Cool and archive storage are not supported in GPv1.
  • Storage pricing is lower for transactions, so workloads with high churn or high read rates may benefited with this types of storage accounts.
  • We can upgrade either a GPv1 or Blob Storage accounts to a GPv2 account at any time using the portal, CLI, or PowerShell.
  • Change cannot be reversed, and no other changes are permitted.

Pricing and billing.

Storage Account General Purpose V2 Cost is : 1446.91 and   General Purpose V1 cost is  1588.69

storage pricing

Storage Accounts General Purpose V1:-

storage pricing-2

As per Microsoft Pricing and Billing Model:-

  • Storage costs: In addition to the amount of data stored, the cost of storing data varies depending on the storage tier. The per-gigabyte cost decreases as the tier gets cooler.
  • Data access costs: Data access charges increase as the tier gets cooler. For data in the cool and archive storage tier, you are charged a per-gigabyte data access charge for reads.
  • Transaction costs: There is a per-transaction charge for all tiers that increases as the tier gets cooler.
  • Geo-Replication data transfer costs: This only applies to accounts with geo-replication configured, including GRS and RA-GRS. Geo-replication data transfer incurs a per-gigabyte charge.
  • Outbound data transfer costs: Outbound data transfers (data that is transferred out of an Azure region) incur billing for bandwidth usage on a per-gigabyte basis, consistent with general-purpose storage accounts.
  • Changing the storage tier: Changing the account storage tier from cool to hot incurs a charge equal to reading all the data existing in the storage account. However, changing the account storage tier from hot to cool incurs a charge equal to writing all the data into the cool tier (GPv2 accounts only).

For More Details , Please follow below Link:-

Azure Storage account options


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