Azure Subscription , Billing, EA, RBAC and CloudYN

Setup and Configure Azure Billing: CloudYN

What is Cloudyn-Azure cost Management?

  • Azure Cost Management by Cloudyn allows you to track cloud usage and expenditures for your Azure resources and other cloud providers including AWS and Google.
  • Easy-to-understand & Customized  dashboard reports.
  • Which will help with cost allocation and showbacks/chargebacks .
  • Cost Management helps optimize your cloud spending by identifying underutilized resources that you can then manage and adjust.

User of Cloudyn-Azure cost Management.

  • Monitor usage and spending
  • Manage costs
  • Improve efficiency

Pre-Requisite to Configure ClOYDYN- AZURE Cost Management

  • User has Global Administrator /Services Administrator Rights
  • Tenant ID
  • Offer ID

CLOYDYN-Configuring Azure Cost Management

  • Log in to azure subscription (
  • Click on cost management
  • Click on the Azure Cost management  .
  • Click on  Go to Cost Management.

Cost management


Cost management1



Cost management2

Organization Name

  • Please provide your Organization Name

Roles to Enrolment

  • Azure Enterprise Enrollment Administrator
  • Microsoft CSP Partner Program Administrator
  • Azure Individual Subscription owner
  • None of the Above
  • Cost management2

Azure Cost Management

  • Organization Name


  • ClOUDYN Account Name
  • Tenant ID
  • Offer ID- Name
  • Offer ID can selected from Drop Down Menu.

Cost management3

  • Start Configuration the Cost  Management.
  • It will take 30-40 Mints to Collect the Data.
  • It may take more time to configure and it depends on the azure subscription Data and Resource of Azure Subscription.
  • Once the Cloudyn will done with Data collection.

Cost management4

  • It will ask you to provide the permission to access your Azure subscription
  • You will have to accept the term and Condition.
  • Please click on the Go Cloudyn to go to Cloudyn Portal.

Cost management5


cloudYN Dash board.JPG

Management DashBoard:

Cost Entity Summary : Provide Global View of managed  Cost Entities

Cost over time : We can view our actual cost over time.

Asset controller: Visualize your cloud usage and performance trends all in one place

 Cost by device: View your actual costs per service

management dashboard

Cost ConTroller

Cost Over Time: View your actual cost over time
Monthly Cost Trends :View costs for last month, month-to-date, and monthly projections
12 Months Planner: View projected costs for next 12 months
Cost bt Services : View your actual cost per service
Cost By Account : View your actual cost per account
Cost Trend by Day : View your actual daily costs 
Cosy Trend By Month : View your actual monthly costs

Cost Controller.png

Asset Controller

Compute Instances : View your instances activity over time
Disks :View all your disks – both available and in-use
Instance Type Distribution :View breakdown of all compute instances by instance type
Computer Instance Daily Trends:View breakdown of all instances running during last 30 days

Asset Controller


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