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Azure VMs with Accelerated Networking

Scenario: Most of the times when you design the solution or implement or transfer the data from on premises to Azure , One concerns are there is how much bandwidth required or will take etc. ? Hence thought of to explain you about the accelerated networking which will help you to minimize the VMs network bandwidth while enabling the Accelerating networking  in Azure Vms.

Accelerated Networking is used to reduce the latency and provide the faster response with in Azure network if they are connecting to VMs to VMs

In this blog , i will be explaining how you can configure the accelerated networking and what are the difference between normal network Vms and with accelerated networking.

Q: Difference between current Azure network traffic VS accelerated networking Azure VMs Traffic.

A: Only Difference is compare to normal VMs network traffic as in  accelerated networking Virtual switch has been removed and traffic are directly reaching to NIC card to Vms or you can say MS Azure are using Software define networking which will help VMs Performance & Reduce the CPU utilization  etc.

Accelerated Networking-OS Supports:

  • Ubuntu 16.04+
  • SLES 12 SP3
  • RHEL 7.4
  • CentOS 7.4
  • CoreOS Linux
  • Debian “Stretch” with backports kernel
  • Oracle Linux 7.4

Setup and Configuration of  accelerated networking in Azure VMs.

While create the VMs you can choose the Accelerated networking but it’s differ based on the VMs Site.

  • Click on Create the resources.
  • Select the Azure VMs and sever name.
  • Select the VMs name etc parameter.
  • Click on the Networking 
  • Under networking you will found the accelerated networking .
  • Click in ON button and create the Vms. This option will enable the accelerated networking for you.

Note: Most of Vms Accelerated networking will enable default if VMs Instance Size supports or you have enable using above option.

Now you can enable the accelerated networking in azure Windows and Linux VMs. I will be helping you Create a Windows VM with Accelerated Networking. It will enable the single route IO virtualization. It will help you to reduce the CPU utilization, reduce the latency. 


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  1. I think Virtual switch is removed in accelerated networking, not physical switch. Physical switch interconnecting vNets/subnets will remain as it is, instead virtual switch will be bypassed. Correct me if I am wrong.

    1. Hello Viral, Thank you for your update, yes it’s virtual switch not physical switch . I have modified the same. Thank you again…

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