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I am just going through the portal and found the Access review services in Azure portal found very useful so thought of create an Blog.

How access review services will help an access review of guest users, Application and Organization users, As it’s been hard to monitor each and every users/Application and guest users but to meet certain compliance we might required to have an access review on our azure subscription of users. Hence Thought of the share my ideas on how we can achieve this.

Most of the organization using the third party tool for access review and integrating azure subscription on this , I just walking though how easy if you will get things in one place like access review services.

Step:-1 How to On-board the Access Review Services.

  • Click on the All services in our Azure Subscription.
  • Search Access Reviews
  • Click on the Access Review

Access review 1

Step:2 On-board Access Reviews 

  • Click on Onbord services
  • Click on Create
  • After that your services will start on-boarding and apply the default policy.


Step-3 : Quick Start 

  • Click on Quick Start and Follow the documents which will help you to configure the Access review services and how you will get benefited .

Access Review2

Step-4 Overview 

  • Access Review Overview you will be able to see the dashboard of your access review.
    • Guest User
    • Members
    • Guest App Access
  • App Access
  • in Control you can see the how many users apply for access ,Completed request and Applied Access.
    • Active Users
    • Completed
    • Applied Users
  • You will be able to see the Reviewed Apps and Reviewed Groups.


 Step-5: Add Programs

  • In Add Programs you can add your Customize your Dashboard while configuration of the Add Programs.

access review 3

Step-6: Controls.

  • Click on Controls.
  • Add New Controls.
  • Provide the Review Name
  • Description, Why we are creating the Reviews
  • Start Date will start from the You create the services.
  • Frequency can be: One time, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly .
  • End Date
  • Users: Mamber of Groups review or Application Review.
  • Select the Groups yo want to review.
  • Reviewer : Group Owner , Selected users or Members(Self)
  • Programs Link: Default or program
  • Upon Completion settings
    • No Change
    • Remove Access
    • Approve Access
    • Take Recommendation .
  • Advance Settings
    • Show Notification can be enabled.
    • Require Reason for Approval.
    • Mail Notification can be enabled.
    • Reminders can be enabled.

Access review 4

Once that is done you will get your report as per schedule Date.



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