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Azure VMs Restoration

In my azure journey i have seen couple of incidents where VMs get cashed and we need to recover the Azure VMs from the backup vault.

MS Azure has enabled the feature that you can restore the VMs backup from the VMs no need to go to site recovery and search for the VMs , Then try to restore the VMs.

In this blog i am going to explain how to restore the complete VMs.

  • Files Recovery
  • Application Restoration or Full Backup Restoration.

Restoration of Azure VMs.

  • Click on the VMs you want to restore
  • Go to operations and Select the Backup



Step 2: Backup Selections. 

  • If you want to start the backup then select the backup Now.
  • Select the File recovery option to recover the files only
  • Select the Restore VMs to recover the Complete VMs.


Step:3 Restore VMs.

  • Click on the Restore Points
  • Select the latest Restoration Point to recover the VMs.
  • Select ok.
  • Click on the Restore VMs.
  • Your VMs will start the redeploying in azure Portal


Step: 5 File Recovery

  • Once you will click on file recovery you will get an option to select the recovery Point.
  • Download the Script
  • Create the password
  • Unmounted the disk after recovery
  • You are done with the recovery .



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