AzureTalk(Azure AD and Storage Accounts)

What is AzureTalk?
AzureTalk is open community  to learn the Microsoft Azure  and we have more than Approx 2600  members in this this Group where we are helping Azure learners for there real time environment problems and discussing various  new features about MS azure platforms.

Azure Storage Account:

We discussed following topics on Azure Storage.

  • Azure Storage Overview
  • Types of Storage Account and performance tiers
  • Storage Replication Scope (LRS, ZRS, GRS, RA-GRS)
  • Types of Storage (Blob, File, Table, Queue)
  • Managed VM disk
  • Securing Storage
    • SSE( Storage Service Encryption)
    • ADE(Azure Disk Encryption)
    • SAS Signature
    • Secure Transfer required
  • Storage Access Tools( PowerShell, Azure Storage Explorer, AzCopy)
  • Azure Storage Demo

The recorded session is made available for viewing and you can watch entire AzureTalk on  storage here.


AzureTalk Storage Presentation:

AzureTalk Storage Demo 


AzureTalk: Azure AD IAM

Azure AD Connect part-2




Azure AD Premium 


Azure : SSO with ADFS.


2 thoughts on “AzureTalk(Azure AD and Storage Accounts)

    1. Yes, It is command line utilities which used to migrate the data or move the data between 2 storage accounts either in one subscription or different subscription. Even i will add more details in my coming blogs.


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